#a11yTO Conf is thrilled to announce our first round of world renowned speakers. We’re not done yet, stay tuned for the next batch of speakers soon!

Headshot of Dennis Lambree

Dennis Lembrée


Author of @EasyChirp & @WebAxe. Day job at @DequeSystems. Former PayPal/eBay. CPACC. Husband & father. Enjoy espresso, football, and 80s music.

Progressive Enhancement and Accessibility

Learn the advantages of Progressive Enhancement and how it may affect accessibility.

Headshot of Dylan Barrow

Dylan Barrell


Dylan Barrell is in charge of technology at Deque Systems, a leader in accessibility software and services. He wrote the first accessibility testing developer extension - FireEyes. Founded, and continues to contribute to the axe-core project and related projects like react-axe and axe-webdriverjs.

Headshot of Henny Swan

Henny Swan


Henny is Accessible User Experience and Design Lead at The Paciello Group with over 12 years’ experience in making web, mobile and apps accessible with a focus on accessible user experience, audio/video and mobile.

Prior to The Paciello Group Henny worked at the BBC on iPlayer (Web and Mobile), Sports, the Olympics, BBC Live and the BBC Standard Media Player. Henny was also Lead Editor on the BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines. Henny has previously worked for Opera Software, RNIB and Zhaodaola (a Chinese search engine).

Henny has contributed to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG), the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAAG), as well as been co-lead of the Web Standards Project International Liaison Working Group.

Headshot of Jen Krul

Janna Cameron & Jen Krul

@jannacameron @jenniferlkrul

By working closely with developers, designers and end users to develop a fuller understanding of how people with disabilities use the web, Janna has parlayed a passion for user research into a career that has helped remove barriers to web applications. Janna is a Senior UX Designer for Manulife. Prior to Manulife, she worked for a decade as an accessibility champion in EdTech.

Jennifer is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Emmetros, a tech company focused on creating accessible software for people with early- to mid-stage dementia. A long-time user advocate, Jennifer has a passion for understanding user needs and seeing those needs reflected in clear, elegant, and accessible products. She is delighted to use her experience to help make a difference in lives of people living with memory loss.

Enhancing technology through inclusive UX research

Creating a truly accessible experience requires more than compliant markup; it requires UX research with real people. Not sure how to go about collecting feedback from people with disabilities? In this talk, Janna and Jen share insights, lessons learned, and personal stories from their experience conducting UX research with people with cognitive impairments and people who are blind and low vision.

Headshot of Léonie Watson

Léonie Watson


Léonie Watson (AKA Tink) began using the internet in 1993, turned it into a web design career in 1997, and (despite losing her eyesight along the way) has been enjoying herself thoroughly ever since.

Léonie is Communications director and Principal engineer at The Paciello Group (TPG), and also works with Government Digital Service (GDS) on the GOV.UK platform.

As a member of the W3C Advisory Board, and co-chair of the W3C Web Platform WG (working on specs like HTML5), Léonie is closely involved with the web standards community. She is frequently asked to talk about web standards and/or accessibility at conferences.

In her spare time Léonie blogs on tink.uk, writes for tech journals like Smashing magazine, SitePoint.com and Net magazine. She also loves cooking, dancing and drinking tequila (although not necessarily in that order).

Headshot of Makoto Ueki

Makoto Ueki


Web Accessibility Consultant in Japan. Makoto has been contributing to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Working Group and W3C WCAG Working Group as a web accessibility expert. And he has been a chairman of the Web accessibility Committee in Japan (WAIC) since 2012.

Headshot of Marco Zehy

Marco Zehe


Marco works at Mozilla on the quality of Firefox accessibility and also advises developers inside and outside of Mozilla on the correct use of web technologies to make sites and web applications more inclusive. Previously, he worked at a big assistive technology company.

Rethinking web accessibility on Windows

For more than 15 years, screen readers on Windows have consumed web sites in much the same manner: Consuming them in one go and providing their own representation of the web page in a so-called virtual document. As web applications have become more pwide-spread, it has become apparent that this way of consuming web content might no longer be timely. This talk aims to take a look at the status quo and ask some provocative questions on how this paradigm might, or must, change in the future for us to stay competitive and up to date in the more dynamic web application world.

Headshot of Nick Steenhout

Nic Steenhout


Nicolas Steenhout is a veteran of, and passionate advocate for, web accessibility. Nic had taken the lead in building several websites prior to taking up a federally-funded position in the disability sector in the US in 1996. An international speaker, trainer, and consultant, Nic works with government, corporations, and small teams in the areas of both web and physical accessibility. Working with and for thousands of people with disabilities in North America and Australasia, while working with web technologies and their impact, has given Nic a unique insight into the challenges, solutions, and nuts and bolts of web accessibility.

Accessibility: No rights without responsibilities

People with disabilities have a right to web accessibility. But what of their responsibility? Both developers and web users with disabilities must work together. Users have a responsibility to talk to developers, who have a responsibility to listen and implement. This talk takes a look at some specific actions everyone can take to push accessibility forward.

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